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Polywood plantation shutters in San Antonio living room

Window Treatments for High Ceiling Windows in San Antonio

October 10, 2016

Several homes in San Antonio have that one window or set of windows that’s positioned high up on the wall close to where the wall meets the ceiling, or is so large that its height puts it out of arm’s length. While these high ceiling windows are unique and gorgeous, they might cause headaches when shopping for high ceiling window treatments.

Great room in two-story San Antonio home with plantation shutters on high windows.

But don’t worry - there’s no window Sunburst Shutters San Antonio has seen that we haven’t been able to turn into something beautiful. Let’s examine a few of the best options for window treatments for the tall and high ceiling windows in your San Antonio home.

Tall Window Plantation Shutters

For high ceiling windows, the less hassle, the better. That’s why plantation shutters ought to be one of your first choices for a high window treatment. Typically the first question about window treatments for a high-sitting window is “How will I open and close it?” For shutters, that’s almost never a concern, since most people keep the louvers placed at a single, desireable angle at all times, so the perfect amount of light comes in while at the same time maintaining the privacy you need.

If regular louver adjustment is needed, there’s no need to get out the stepladder. We’ll offer a telescoping pole to move the tilt rod, giving you total control over the lighting. And once finished, the pole telescopes down to fit in your closet until you’re ready to use it again.

Another stressor that goes along with high ceiling window treatments is keeping them clean, just one more area in which plantation shutters shine. Because of their color, the angled construction, and material, Polywood® plantation shutters don’t require cleaning as often as other window treatments. And when the time does come to clean, every part of the shutter can be cleaned with a simple duster, without the hassle of taking down the shutter.

All of these features, coupled with insulating shutters’ unmatched energy efficiency, make them a superb fit for tall windows.

Automated Shades Make Tall Windows Easy

Contemporary San Antonio bedroom with high ceiling windows and vertical cellular shades. 

What’s almost easier than leaving your high window treatment in one spot? Moving it with the push of a button! That’s what automated shades bring to the table, bringing you chic style with modern convenience.

Motorized shades can be a great match for taller windows, even moreso because you’re able to choose to either operate your shades the old-fashioned way, or remotely. Your windows have entered the new age!

The Best Window Treatments Are Within Reach

Don’t make the mistake of letting the distance between the floor and your windows discourage you from getting the best product for your house. Sunburst Shutters San Antonio will do the hard part when you schedule your free in-home design consultation. We’ll take care of all the measuring and the entire installation so you never have to step on that ladder. Call us today at 210-876-0377 or set up a meeting online - we’re ready to help!