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Light coming through zebra shades in living room

What You Should Know About Zebra Shades In San Antonio

November 27, 2023

Do you enjoy the appearance of roller shades but wish to have something that offers more daylight management and allure to your interior? Zebra shades might be the best solution. Also known as transitional shades, layered shades, or zebra blinds, these window coverings with an unusual name give you an inspiring degree of function and beauty. Discover more about the ins and outs of zebra shades in San Antonio homes.

What Are Zebra Shades?

Zebra shade lets in light from a window near a staircase

It’s OK if you were envisioning a black-and-white striped shade similar to a zebra. They do have stripes, but not quite like the animal they're named after. These stripes are horizontal and consist of alternating solid and sheer fabric bands. Essentially, it's a specialized style of roller shade with two layers of fabric that you can adjust to get the sunlight levels you want. Besides incredible management of outside light, zebra shades may be crafted in various colors, textures, and styles to harmonize with your home’s decor.

How Do Zebra Shades Function In Your San Antonio Home?

Zebra shade controlling light in a cozy dining area

How exactly do you use zebra shades in San Antonio? It’s really a matter of how you manipulate the opaque and sheer bands. If you wish to welcome in sunlight, position them so solid and sheer sections in the front line up with their corresponding sections in back. Want full privacy? Line up the solid bands in front with the sheer ones in the back layer. Additionally, if you prefer an unblocked view of your home’s exterior, just raise the shade to your desired position. You can easily adjust your zebra shades using conventional corded, cordless, and innovative motorized options.

What Are The Advantages Of Zebra Shades In San Antonio?

Zebra shade allows filtered light into a living room
Trying to figure out if zebra shades are suitable for your San Antonio home? If you’re searching for long-lasting appeal, effective sunlight management, and ease of operation, these specialized window treatments are an excellent choice. Think about the following perks:
  • Distinct appearance: Zebra shades add  a stylish element to any area as the solid and transparent stripes produce an eye-catching visual component. And due to the fact that they can be found in various textures and colors, you can customize them to fit your specific design. They are also customized to your window’s exact dimensions.
  • Outstanding light control: Would you like pleasant, diffused sunlight, a wide open view outside, or full darkness? You can have all options with zebra shades. If you leave the sheer bands uncovered, you’ll enjoy a view to the outdoors and diffused sunlight indoors. When covering the transparent segments with solid ones, you can minimize the sightline for privacy. This makes zebra shades a good choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, and family rooms. And remember, you may always raise them completely for full, unfiltered sunlight.
  • Straightforward functionality: An easy pull at the bottom or on the attached cord is all you need to adjust your shade. Take it a step further and choose motorized zebra shades you can operate without even getting up. Stretched out on the recliner and planning to play a movie? Just hold down a button and watch as your room shifts from sunlight to darkness.

Customize Zebra Shades In San Antonio With Sunburst

Zebra shades are special in terms of their functionality, but you can personalize them even further with Sunburst Shutters San Antonio. Schedule a no-cost in-home consultation and let our San Antonio window treatment professionals help you design a zebra shade ideal for your home. Dial 210-876-0377 today or complete our simple form to get started.