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Your Guide To Choosing Window Treatments In San Antonio

November 09, 2021

You need window treatments that give light management and durability. Less desirable window treatments don’t hold up and make it difficult to adjust the levels of privacy and sunlight in your San Antonio property. What can you do to be certain you purchase window treatments that you love now and will still enjoy in the future? Follow these do’s and don’ts of choosing window treatments in San Antonio to acquire the right choices for your home.

Avoid The Least Expensive Choice When Choosing Window Treatments In San Antonio

If you’re keeping an eye on expenses, you will be tempted to purchase off-the-shelf window shades or blinds, but you’ll soon regret it. Bargain window treatments offer little appeal. They tend to be thin and let in excess sunlight and air despite being shut. In many cases they break or discolor in little time. If you always choose substandard options, you will likely waste lots of your precious time and resources switching them out every so often.

Do Choose Window Treatments That Are Designed To Last

White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink. 

Choosing window treatments in San Antonio can be thought of as investing in your home. You need to search for options that are stylish and built with an emphasis on craftsmanship. In so doing, you’ll love how they elevate your windows, and they’ll give day-after-day functionality.

When considering rugged window treatments, Polywood® shutters are your best bet. These elegant louvered shutters are made of a faux-wood material that isn’t subject to warping, chipping, and cracking due to moisture or temperature fluctuations. You may install Polywood shutters in a colder attic space or a humid kitchen, and they’ll look just as beautiful for many years to come. In addition, this adaptable and attractive product complements all architectural and decor types, so you’ll never have to remove them to accommodate the latest interior design trend.

Don’t Get Off-the-shelf Window Treatments

Buying off-the-shelf window treatments at the store is a possible choice, but you’ll be disappointed when you find that they fail to fit correctly. Your windows may be an uncommon size or they may have changed slightly as your house settled, so you won’t find options that accommodate them at big-box stores. Available products may be too wide and cover the window frame or not big enough and have excess space around the border.

You also won’t have as many choices on the store shelves. Stores generally only carry very generic window treatments. If you’re attempting to find appealing options to complement your decor or if you’re trying to fulfill a particular goal for directing sunshine or improving energy efficiency, you should look into a more customized approach.

Do Acquire Custom-made Window Treatments That Are Perfect For Your Windows And Needs

White Polywood shutters on glass doors and custom-made windows. 

Custom window treatments provide a wide range of alternatives to accommodate your unique needs. You have the ability to find shades in various colors or patterns to mesh with your San Antonio home’s aesthetic and then select from options with or without cords and even motorized choices. Varying shutter slat dimensions and tilt rod possibilities give you more management over your home’s light and privacy levels.

Customized window treatments are a better choice because they accommodate the exact dimensions of your windows, even on non-standard arched or specialty shaped windows. You won’t have openings along the perimeter that expose you to prying eyes, sun glare, or drafts. You can place customized solutions like blackout roller shades to keep a hot sunny room cool and comfortable. You might also close the louvers on your custom-made interior shutters for absolute privacy.

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