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White polywood shutters over a kitchen sink

What Are The Leading Window Treatments For Over The Kitchen Sink In San Antonio?

April 05, 2021

When you’re shopping for window treatments, be sure to consider your kitchen -- especially over the sink. If you harbor reservations about water or food splatters disfiguring a window treatment over the kitchen sink in your San Antonio home, make the smart choice with durable faux-wood shutters. These products add appeal to every room but stand up to the often wet and messy kitchen environment.

Plantation shutters over a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Dazzling Faux-Wood Shutters Bring Appeal To All San Antonio Kitchens

Window treatments over your kitchen sink in San Antonio should offer function and durability. However, you can still get plenty of elegance when you hang trendy faux wood Polywood plantation shutters.

Polywood shutters blend in effortlessly with all types of kitchens. They come in several shades of white that complement your finishes, and fixtures, and their firm panels of movable louvers create texture that contrasts beautifully with the flatter, more uniform aspects of your kitchen. They bring subtle appeal to both extravagant and simplistic kitchens and all spaces between.

Polywood shutters in a San Antonio gourmet kitchen.

Polywood Shutters Stand Up To Harsh Conditions

How often do you see condensation on window panes when you’re boiling water or washing dishes? That moisture clings to window treatments over your San Antonio kitchen sink, where it can damage standard fabric products after a period of time.

Use faux wood shutters instead. The patented construction of Polywood and tough outer coat are resistant to a moist and steamy environment. These popular window treatments are impervious to water. Polywood shutters will not be yellow, warp, or chip due to the levels of moisture in your kitchen.

The sun and changing seasons won’t affect these window treatments. When Installed for your kitchen window, these plantation shutters endure both cold drafts and penetrating UV rays. These exceptional window coverings won’t shrink and expand due to interior warmth or outside cold, nor will they suffer from fading due to high levels of sunshine.

Plantation shutters in a bright San Antonio kitchen.

Interior Shutters Allow the Perfect Amount of Natural Light

Getting enough light is critical in your San Antonio kitchen. It would be silly to injure yourself because you can’t see! Polywood shutters give you the right amount of additional light and are a cinch to adjust. Just swing open the panels or move the louvers with the easy-to-use tilt rod. There’s no need to get frustrated with cords that always get tangled or an inconvenient pull bar that is hard to grab on to when you need to alter the light levels.

When looking for a flood of sunlight, open the shutter panels completely. If you have too much sun, move the panels back in place and tilt open the louvers to your desired light settings. Or use the louvers to redirect glare off of shiny surfaces within your space. If you want to avoid strangers peering into your house, shut the louvers tight for complete seclusion.

Polywood shutters in a San Antonio kitchen.

Polywood Shutters Make Cleaning Easy

Kitchen surfaces collect grease, crumbs, and dust. The window treatment over your San Antonio kitchen sink should offer ease of cleaning. When taking this into consideration Polywood shutters are excellent options for kitchens. The impenetrable material won’t absorb stains and odors like fabric options. They just need a quick dusting or wipe with your lightly dampened rag, and they look good as new.

You’ll never have to waste time awkwardly moving your duster between the louvers as you would with traditional metal blinds. The well-made louvers are durable, and you can choose from different sizes, including wider ones that provide ample space for you to reach through with your cloth.

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