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So Long Traditional Window Treatments For Entry Door Sidelights In San Antonio, TX!

November 24, 2015
Your front door is one of the first things a guest notices about your San Antonio house when they land on the doormat. The sidelights on the sides enhance the elegance of the entry door. However, they diminish your overall privacy. This is where window treatments are the ideal solution for the entry door’s sidelights.
Many San Antonio residents have opted for traditional window treatments for sidelights, like blinds and shades. But they may not have realized there’s a more fashionable option: entry door sidelight shutters.

Entry Door Sidelight Blinds & Shades

Blinds and shades may be the first window coverings that come to mind when it comes to sidelights. You can find them in home improvement stores in sizes that approximately fit your entry door sidelights. And you already know how to install them and operate them.
Remember that sidelight shades and blinds have some considerations to keep in mind before going shopping for them. First, they will sway every time the door is opened and closed, when the wind shakes the strips against the glass. This results in irritating noise. A fix is to tie them down at the bottom. But this can potentially change the style and do little to reduce the noise. Second, shades and blinds give you privacy but are poor at temperature control. The fragile material fails to insulate against the outside temperature - hot or cold. And third, shades and blinds don’t have the custom look that wows a guest as they walk in through the entry door. Plantation shutters do.

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters In San Antonio, TX

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters In San Antonio, TX 
Plantation shutters are the modern window covering you’ve been shopping for in San Antonio. Constructed from hardwood or wood substitute, shutters for entry door sidelights are fixed to the door’s frame while giving the louvers enough room to tilt. This means opening and closing the main door does not result in any noise.
Tilt the louvers closed, and plantation shutters provide complete privacy and control over temperature. Easily tilt the louvers by shifting the tilt rod to see more of the view and the light. And with Polywood® plantation shutters, the louvers deflect 30° of temperature and decrease airflow by up to 45%.
The charm of plantation shutters for sidelights isn’t limited to energy savings. With a variety of wood stains, louver sizes, frame styles, and a paint matching program, you finally get the modernized style you love. Our professionals assist you in deciding on custom window shutters for your entry sidelights. And we’ll install them to fit your sidelights perfectly.

Get Entry Door Sidelight Shutters For Your San Antonio Home

Ready to say farewell to outdated window treatments and say hello to shutters for entry door sidelights? And if you want matching shutters for your French doors or patio door, we sell those also. Call 210-876-0377 or fill out the form below to schedule your free in-home design consultation today!