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Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

Should You Pick Room Darkening Or Light Filtering Window Shades In San Antonio?

May 16, 2024

When choosing window shades, you have to contemplate more than their looks. Window shades help you govern how much outdoor light enters your space. The correct shades will make it simple to bring sunlight into a room or block it almost entirely. You merely need to determine what you want. When you know if you wish to have more or less natural light, it’s simple to make a determination on room darkening or light filtering window shades in San Antonio.

Light Filtering Window Shades Vs. Room Darkening Shades In San Antonio

An illustration of five light filtering options for window shades

Window shades control the light in a space in several ways. First of all, you are able to open them to permit light or close them to impede it. Motorized shades of all kinds make governing sunlight levels as effortless as the push of a button! You may also select top-down/bottom-up shades that let you open the top of a window for light but keep the bottom shielded for privacy.

The thickness of the shade is important, as well. Denser room darkening shades keep out most daylight when closed. Light-filtering window shades let a bit of outside light through their lightweight material. Whether you pick room darkening or light filtering window shades in San Antonio is dependent on your particular preferences and aims for the room.

There are varous levels of light allowance or opacity. Shades range from sheer—with zero privacy and only a little light hindrance—to room darkening that halt practically all exterior light.

When To Choose Light Filtering Window Shades

White translucent shades on a tall living room window

Numerous San Antonio homeowners want to enjoy extertior light in their indoor spaces. Daylight is an excellent source of free illumination and warmth. It will brigthen a gloomy room and revitalize you. You might even have a four-legged companion who loves to lie below a sunny window.

Light filtering window shades let in just enough light for you to take advantage of it. Their thin material filters powerful sun rays as they light up a room. You might use light filtering shades in areas where you want exterior light without completely uncovering your windows. They’re excellent for work and play areas like a family room or kitchen. Or place them on north-facing or shaded windows that aren’t subjected to an abundance of hot sunlight.

When To Select Room Darkening Window Shades

Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

It’s reasonable to pick room darkening shades in San Antonio if you would like to do just that: darken a space. You won’t always want outside light entering through your windows. Implement room darkening shades in bedroom windows to stop light from infringing on your sleep. Or, utilize them in your home theater to keep glare off the screen. You could also want room darkening shades in very sunny rooms that overheat easily. While room darkening shades don’t stop UV rays as effectively as rigid window treatments like louvered shutters, they still do the job well and add style to your windows

When To Use Both Room Darkening And Light Filtering Shades

You aren’t required to pick between room darkening and light filtering shades. If you wish to have both kinds in the same room, go for it! It’s common to place a room darkening shade in back of a less opaque shade in a single window. This layering provides a way to obtain filtered light AND room darkening should you want it. And incorporating these shades together lends your window a distinct look.

Simply ask your local Sunburst Shutters window treatment professional about installing room darkening shades at the rear of a more transparent shade. By doing so, you can use whichever shade you are needing at the moment.

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