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Plantation shutters in a bedroom

The Right Window Treatments To Black Out Your Windows In San Antonio

June 16, 2021

Off-the-shelf ”blackout” window coverings advertise complete light control, which makes your room dark, private, and insulated. However, they don’t fit your windows and they still let light slip in around the edges. As an alternative, install customized roller shades or interior shutters to black out windows in San Antonio. Custom-crafted roller shades can be thick enough and will be made for a precise fit to ensure darkness, while faux wood plantation shutters provide superior insulation.

Blackout roller shades in a bedroom

Customized Room-Darkening Roller Shades Eliminate Outside Light

If you want to black out windows in San Antonio for optimal privacy and darkness, consider the benefits of roller shades. They come in a sturdy, non-transparent material that’s opaque to keep the sun’s rays from shining through them.  If you get a custom-crafted treatment, your window treatment rep will get exact measurements and ensure the new treatments are exactly right for your window size so that there is little to no gapping. When lowering the shades, they will totally cover the window glass and won’t leave any space for sunlight to peek through.

Upgrading to made-to-order room darkening roller shades also helps insulate your windows. A tick material and exact fit are great in keeping out heat gain and window drafts in the winter. Your home will be warmer in winter and more comfortable during hotter months with your dark inducing shades, and you could see some savings on utility bills.

These functional coverings are good looking as well. The term “blackout” isn’t an indication of the shade’s color. These effective coverings can be found in a full spectrum of colors and in a multitude of designs to suit your interior. ”Blackout” material is thick enough to obstruct the light. Blackout roller shades provide an appealing method to prevent natural light when you want darkness for bedtime, a movie, or keeping a room cool.

Plantation shutters in a living room

Polywood Shutters Are Energy-Efficient

A majority of residents are interested in enhancing their window treatments in San Antonio to improve efficiency. Preventing UV rays and chilly drafts that invades through your windows is beneficial for your home’s comfort and energy use. Blackout shades and blinds made of dense, heavier materials may improve efficiency, but interior shutters are often more effective. They utilize weatherstripping along all borders that insulates windows better than other window treatments. When closing your sturdy interior shutters, this beneficial insulating quality fights off the blazing summer heat and the cold of winter. Your home’s furnace and AC won’t be overburdened, while your home maintains consistent comfort levels without increasing your energy expenses.

Polywood shutters are effective in keeping out sunlight as well. They can’t fall askew with a simple nudge or bump like shades, drapes, and blinds as they are made using solid, sturdy composites. The shutter panels are custom-made to fit snugly over your windows. They leave minimal gaps along the perimeter for sunshine to creep in like you get with store-bought blinds and window shades. Even their louvers are designed to secure snugly against each other and allow just a shred of exterior light when you close them.

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