Stylize Your Shutters with Options like Craftsman Shutter Frames in San Antonio

Antonio Meza

A misconception we hear occasionally from San Antonio homeowners is that “all shutters look the same.” Let’s set the record straight – that couldn’t be further from reality.

San Antonio designer house with plantation shutters  

Many people don’t realize just how many options you have when it comes to choosing plantation shutters in San Antonio, and the huge impact those options might have. One of the most important of those options is the type of shutter frame you go with.

San Antonio Custom Shutter Frames

Your options for shutter frames will depend a few different things:

  • The style of your window.

  • The depth of the window sill.

  • Whether you need to have an inside or outside mount.

  • Your own personal style.

A few of our shutter frames are only available in certain materials, like our Polywood® faux wood shutters, a few are only able to work on an inside or outside mount of a window, and some might just look better than others with your existing trim, like our Craftsman frame shutters, built for Craftsman style homes and only offered by Sunburst.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common shutter frames we recommend to San Antonio homeowners.

 Shutter Frame CraftsmanShutter Frame ZShutter Frame LShutter Frame Casing

Craftsman Frame Shutters - You can’t turn on HGTV or read a design magazine for more than a few minutes without seeing Craftsman style. This Sunburst-exclusive frame was designed especially for Craftsman style homes and homes with similar aesthetics. A Craftsman frame offers a simple, clean look, so no part of your home looks gaudy compared to the rest. If utilizing Craftsman fashion is what you want, this is your shutter frame. Currently offered in Polywood and reclaimed wood shutters only.

L-Frame Shutters - An L-frame is possibly the least complex and most functional frame we offer. They have a sleek, contemporary look, and tend to be the easiest to work around for specialty windows. The L-frame can be used as both an outside and inside mount, if you’d like to keep your existing window trim, and is available in all of our different shutter types.

Z-Frame Shutters - Z-frames are a common choice because they offer a chic, sophisticated look to your window, not unlike bass or crown molding. This frame is called a “Z-frame” because of the shape of its exterior, which is installed on an inside mount of a window jamb, but wraps around to the outside making a “Z” shape. That extended shape makes it so you don’t even need window trim around the window. Z-frames are available in all of our shutter materials.

Decorative Frame Shutters - A decorative frame delivers on the style front. With extensive texturing and an elegant shape, this frame looks fantastic for windows that don’t have any trim, or if you want to cover your existing trim. Decorative frames are available in Ovation and Polywood shutters only.

San Antonio shutters
Beyond the type of frame, there are still a wealth of options for you to choose from. All of our frames can add on a sill piece attachment, as well as other custom additions your installer can help you choose from. To learn more about your custom shutter options, give your local San Antonio shutter pros a call at 210-876-0377 today.