The Most Popular Window Coverings for Pet Owners in San Antonio

Antonio Meza

Beagles look out open window without window covering in San Antonio.

Photo courtesy patchattack via Flickr (Creative Commons)

There’s a scenario San Antonio pet owners probably know too well: leaving your home only to glance behind and see your furry friend’s face peeking through the window as you leave. For pet owners with certain window treatments, regular trips to the window could spell disaster, as pets can cause some of the worst damage to your window treatments.

So how can you prevent pet damage? The easiest way is to choose a pet-friendly window treatment that can stand up to even the most excitable pets. Let’s take a look at some of the best (and worst) window coverings for pet owners across TX.

Window Treatments That Aren’t Pet-Friendly

Let’s start by taking a look at what window treatments homeowners with pets should not choose.

Window Treatments With Cords

Similar to children’s window safety, cords can be a problem for pet owners. Both dogs and cats are known to play with hanging cords, which may mean damage to your window covering or in some cases, injury to your pet.

Instead, choose a window treatment without cords, such as shutters that attach to the window frame or other window coverings that have a top-down bottom-up configuration or are automatic.

Aluminum Blinds

Cat looking through aluminum blinds in San Antonio.

Photo courtesy Carlos Castro via Flickr (Creative Commons).

Aluminum blinds are probably the worst window treatment for pet owners. Not only do they typically operate via cord, but they’re extremely susceptible to damage from even the smallest of pets. Dogs or cats poking their heads through aluminum blinds can bend, warp, or even snap the thin slats, which means you’ll need to replace the whole window treatment.

Fabric Window Coverings

Depending on your pet and the type of window covering, fabrics might or might not be something to avoid. Long fabrics like drapes can “puddle” on the floor, making them easy for dirty paws to walk all over. Fabric window coverings also frequently collect pet hair which nullifies any style value they could add. Lastly, fabrics can tear, making them perfect targets for cat claws.

Top Recommendations for Pet-Friendly Window Treatments

Now that you’ve seen which window treatments don’t get along with pets, we’ll go over some pet-friendly window coverings.

Wood and Faux-Wood Blinds

wood blinds in San Antonio.

Many of the issues aluminum blinds have, wood and faux-wood blinds resolve for pet owners. Even if your dog or cat likes to poke its head through the window, durable wood blinds can stand up to more abuse than aluminum blinds. Moreover, their usual wide slats make it more difficult for pets to get their bodies tangled in between them.

But, be sure that if you opt for wood or faux-wood blinds that you get ones without cords.

Plantation Shutters - A Pet Owner’s Best Window Treatment

White shutters in San Antonio kitchen with marble counter. 

If damage to your window treatment or injury to your pet is a concern, plantation shutters may minimize those concerns. Because they’re mounted directly into the window frame, there are no dangling cords or fabric that might cause trouble. What’s more, even if your pet is able to climb up, Polywood® plantation shutters are scratch resistant and incredibly sturdy so damage is hardly a concern.

Plantation shutters can help keep pets happy too. Own a pooch that wants to poke its head out the window as you head out? Shutters can make it easy without any chance of damage. Does the cat want a patch of sunlight to sleep in? You can easily adjust the louvers to let the light come through without losing any privacy.

In short, plantation shutters are the best window treatment for pet owners.

Make New Window Coverings Your Pet Project

Want to get a new window treatment that’s right for both you and your four-legged friend? Call Sunburst Shutters San Antonio at 210-876-0377 today to learn all your window treatment options. Your pet will be glad you did.