The Best Window Treatments For Summer Heat in San Antonio

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When it’s hot and sticky outside, staying cool is important. One way you can decrease your energy bills and stay cool is to pick the perfect energy efficient window treatments for summer in San Antonio. 

While not all window treatments are created equal, we’ll let you know exactly how window treatments prevent heat from coming in. Also, we’ll describe how to figure out the most energy-efficient window coverings so you can keep the heat outside and the cold air inside.

Ways That Energy Efficient Window Treatments Stop Heat 

Plantation shutters in breezy room. 

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You know the benefits of well-insulated attics and windows, but did you know that window treatments can be an effective way to reduce your energy bills? Let’s list a few ways that energy-efficient window treatments like our Polywood® shutters can block the San Antonio summer heat and keep your air conditioning in. 
  1. Obstructs airflow - Treatments that completely covers your window opening block air and can reduce the warm airflow through your windows. Our Polywood shutters block as much as 30 degrees of heat coming from your window when they’re fully closed. 

  2. Cuts down on heat transfer - When the sun comes through your window it heats up the glass and that heat might then flow to your room. Energy efficient window treatments weaken this heat transfer. Polywood shutters reduce heat transfer by about 46% and have shown to be 70% more energy efficient than hardwood shutters and about 1600% more energy efficient than aluminum blinds.

  3. Maximizes R-value - R-value measures the energy efficiency of a given material. It’s needed for windows, insulation, and window coverings. To be designated as energy efficient window coverings, they should have earned a high R-value. When Polywood shutters are closed and paired with a double-pane window, their R-value equals 6, which is fairly high for window treatments.

What you should look for in energy-efficient window treatments

Polywood Shutters in San Antonio kitchen 

Now that you understand a few ways that window treatments promote energy efficiency, what exactly should you want in a covering?

Window treatments that can completely cover the window or trap air

The best way to halt airflow is by trapping the air between the window and your room. You can do this with window coverings like Polywood shutters which completely protects the window when the louvers are shut. What’s exciting about our shutters is that Polywood shutters even have weather stripping that thoroughly stops air transfer. The video below shows how you should close Polywood shutters to fully experience the power of energy efficiency. (Hint: As your louvers are open, they let heat through and are lessening their energy efficiency).

An alternative window covering option is cellular shades.  They trap air in honeycomb-shaped cells. But, if there’s a gap between the window and the shades, you can still have airflow coming in from under the shades.

Window treatments that are a light color and use UV-reflecting material

[White|Plantation]313] Shutters in Bedroom 

photo courtesy of Audrey Crisp at Audrey Crisp Interiors 
Light colors reflect the sun and are a great choice for energy efficient window treatments. That’s why our Polywood shutters are available in three hues of white and use a UV-reflecting coating to help your home stay cool.

If you use curtains or drapes, pick ones with a light-colored material that reflects back UV rays.

Need Help Picking the Right Window Treatments for Summer and Beyond?

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