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9 Ways You Can Use Sliding Barn Doors In San Antonio

November 13, 2015

Sliding barn doors are the interior design trend that has people talking in San Antonio. The door’s classic wood material covers doorways and windows, creating a contemporary accent you’ll love. And when you think of the wide variety of barn door options and hardware available - and the premium installation service Sunburst Shutters San Antonio delivers on, the ways you can use sliding barn doors are endless.

Want to explore the possibilities? Here are 9 ways you can use sliding barn doors in San Antonio:

1. Sliding Barn Doors As Window Shutters

The most creative use of barn doors is to install them on a window. They can be custom made to fit the precise length and width of your window. Similar to plantation shutters, they shut out the light and the view when you slide the door panels closed. Nevertheless barn doors for windows also frame the view beautifully when they’re opened to the side. Learn more about sliding barn doors for windows here.

Dark brown Z-frame barn door shutters on a window  

2. Sliding Barn Doors For The Bedroom

As bedroom doors, sliding barn doors are a more appealing design than the usual doors. Slide the barn door wide open to expose your retreat. Slide it over the doorway and note how the expert design of the barn door matches the style of the bedroom and mirrors your palate beautifully. Whether you’re laying your head on the pillow at night or stretching with a yawn in the morning, you will adore the wooden piece of art in the doorway.

White sliding barn door used as bedroom door  

3. Sliding Barn Doors For The Bathroom

Enhance the calming feel of your bathroom with a sliding barn door. The barn door’s quality wood offers a natural soothing look. The top-mounted track system allows you to move it open and closed with ease. And you won’t have to worry about the sliding barn door swaying, thanks to a floor glide. So go ahead and open and close it as many times as you want.

Wooden bathroom sliding barn door  

4. Sliding Barn Doors As Closet Doors

With wall space on the sides of a built-in closet, sliding barn doors are an excellent alternate to traditional closet doors. Slide them closed and conceal all the contents beautifully. Simply slide them to one side to grab something.

White sliding barn door covering closet  

5. Sliding Barn Doors As Pantry Doors

In San Antonio, any homeowner will confide in you that the kitchen pantry is often glossed over when decorating. Now you are finally able to match the doors to the pantry to the color scheme of your dining room or kitchen with sliding barn doors!

Change out the pantry doors and replace them with sliding barn doors for a modern design that will wow your guests. And pictured below is a sliding barn door for a pantry. It’s a custom made five panel barn door. View more sliding barn door styles here.

Pantry Sliding Barn Doors In San Antonio, TX

6. Sliding Barn Doors As Decorative TV Cover

When the TV is off, the blank screen hangs on your wall. It doesn’t match your room’s style. And you wind up staring at a black void. Have you tried hiding the big TV screen with decorative sliding barn doors?

Custom built to the length and width of your TV, barn doors glide to close over the screen. And they move to the side with ease so your viewing angle is unobstructed. You’ve just found the most sensible way to conceal your TV and have beautiful wall art with one product.

7. Sliding Barn Doors As Home Office Doors

Bring an element of inspiration to your home office with a sliding barn door. Glide it closed to focus on your work. Move it open to change the scenery. Whether it’s closed or opened, you’re enjoying the authentic charm of a barn door tailored to your style.

Brown shaker sliding brown doosed covering home office entry  

8. Sliding Barn Doors As Conference Room Doors

Add the modernized feel of barn doors to your office space with sliding barn doors. They’re a charming alternate for office doors. And they make a great impression on guests and clients alike as conference room doors. Pick the style of sliding barn door that fits your brand best here.

9. Decorate With Sliding Barn Doors

Use a sliding barn door in place of a door just because it’s beautiful. Customize it with your choice of hardware, style, and options. And your decorative sliding barn door will be stunning as a work of art in any room.

Bright red barn door with black track next to chalkboard  

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